About Me

Cutting Edge Artistry with Kammi Dingman

In addition to pursuing my cellular and molecular biology research and medical professional careers, I am a knife artistry dealer. My husband and I started Big John Blades in 2018 with a mission in mind: that everyone needs a sophisticated cutting edge. I think that everyone deserves the best quality knives; I’m here to professionally deliver the education and products. I’m a believer that quality and price are highly correlated. As a custom knife collector with a scientific mind, I continually research the market and invest in high quality knife-making materials. There are many different types of knives available; Also, I’m here to listen to the customers expectations and help them create their custom knife.

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, survivalist, hunter, fisher, adventurer, camper, hiker, or connoisseur, an exceptional knife is an asset to any collection. Retail stores can’t offer the unique artistry and quality a custom blade will. Custom knives hold their value and in certain instances, increase in value over the years. Our blades are distinguished pieces of art passed down through the generations, treasured for life.